My Social Capital

The Social Capital that I have, that is to say the strength of my social relationships and the breadth of my networks are, from my perspective, very strong and vast and frequently deliver opportunities to me.

For starters I have a larger-than-life family who are great ‘networkers’ because they develop strong bonds to almost anyone they meet.  In addition to this, I grew up on a small island where I made many lifelong friends that I regularly re-connect with. I have also travelled extensively creating close relationships with locals of the many Countries I visited or lived in.  I have gone to school and made a few close connections from classes while also networking with professors and using extra-curricular activities and sports as my entertainment in lieu of television. My professions have introduced me to some amazing people I would never have crossed paths with and allowed me to spend many hours getting to know them in camp settings.

This topic is strangely related to an article I was reading in Monday Magazine, the local Victoria free paper.  It was about how technology is ruining us, I couldn’t agree more.  The more time I have to spend on a computer in this program, the more impatient I get for the days when I am not tied to this mesmerizing computer that will have stolen countless hours from me by August of this year.  Basically, screen time is killing our relationships, making us dumber, less creative, and boosting depression rates.  Computers need to stay at work and school as far as I’m concerned television is out as well, besides a movie now and then.  There is so much more outside of the virtual world than in.  I mean so much more that has real, tangible meaning and feeling.  It doesn’t surprise me in the least that countries with low social capital have the highest screen time.  It is very obvious to me that a sustainable community, one that is adaptive and resilient will be a community with high social capital and true community.

The nature of my networks is personal, and I wouldn’t want them any other way.  This way both parties (myself and others) are comfortable with asking for favors.  I will go out of my way to help anyone out, because I know that someday I may need him or her to do the same for me.  I understand that I have gotten some incredible opportunities because of my social capital, and that of others so I am always looking to make new connections.  I am also happy to connect people who could help each other out, in that way I could in a way expand someone else’s network drastically, given the size of mine.

I believe that a community with strong and trusting connections can accomplish almost anything, even sustainability.Image

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